Firewalking Instructor Training


Rolf and Owsa Beckman have trained Firewalking Instructors and Firewalking Masters during three decades. If you want a firewalk or become a certified firewalking instructor, train with those who train the trainers.

The focus of the FIT is to teach you how to conduct empowering firewalking classes for your family, friends or the public. And, in addition to firewalking, also to master glass-walking, metal bar bending, using the mind for arrow snapping, board breaking, brick breaking, and many other remarkable skills.

There are no prerequisites for this course; and NO prior experience of firewalking is required. Everyone receive personal attention. You get a discount for early registration. Get a new career and a better life in this four-day intensive training or give your current career a boost. Participant after participant reports major breakthroughs in all areas of their life after taking this course.

Here is what you take away: • Understanding Excellence, Integrity and Success • The value of Obstacles and Barriers • Advanced Goal Setting • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs • Respecting Fear with a Fearless Focus • Flexibility in the Stream of Life • Listening to the Voice of Nature and Accepting Yourself

Should the training be postponed because of Corona will your ticket be referred to new dates. Deposits are not refundable unless otherwise is agreed.

Masters training in Spain Nov 2020

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