About Owsa  

Owsa was raised in the Archipelago of Stockholm. Most of her time she spent outdoors near the sea and wandering in the woods. Her interest in nature led her to an academic degree in biology. She moved to Scania to study at Flyinge, the horsecenter of Sweden. " My interest grew in the human nature and it´s
relation to society. So I took a further step and studied social work
." The studies made her change career and she worked as a therapist and a researcher until Owsa and Rolf started their company in 1996.

"Firewalking made me realize that Academics has not the answer to all riddles. There is an unsolved mystery beyond" says Owsa.

åsa beckman 

When they sold the company the opportunity to live more close to nature appeared for Owsa. She likes to follow the rythm of the year and the changes the farm undergoes during the four seasons, each having their special quality. Owsa was inspired to run a new business and gave it the name Eight Directions. It stands for the ability to navigate through life. In the sweatlodge the eight directions stabilizes the process and the directions contains all possibilities in life. The company is designed to handle several different divisions. Eight Directions is owned by Owsa and Rolf.

"I now live the mystery and anchor my work in my knowledge about the environment and the humans role as caretakers of the earth. To celebrate life and bring forth the gift of each individual is my main focus while teaching firewalking."