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We have certified instructors since 1995

The Firewalking Instructors Training (The FIT) by Eight Directions is about freedom, about owning your power, about communion with the elements and your source.

We started to train Firewalking Instructors in 1995. All these years we have been supported by Tolly Burkan, as we still are. Out of learning and working with him, we have created a professional and personal training and our students confirm this by the results they achieve in their lives.

We share a sense of family and joy in our trainings. We will continue to train the best firewalking instructors in the world. Take advantage of the security that experience and integrity brings.

You will learn skills to master all aspects of firewalking.

The training is intimate so every person will get full attention to their needs and special circumstances.

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Our intention is to train the best firewalkers in the world.

English instructor Gerry McColl, NLP-trainer, certified by Rolf and Åsa says: "I had walked on fire at a Tony Robbins training and thought “there has to be more to Firewalking than this”. Indeed there was.


We know our lives are not road movies, we know that we stand as a link in an endless chain of generations.

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Firewalking Instructors Training



At the heart of firewalking is to be open to confront limiting beliefs as demonstrated when walking on fire without burning. Even if you have walked hundred of times it´s hard to believe how it´s possible. That´s a part of the fires intriguing puzzle.

When firewalking people sometimes change their belif pattern in just one night. And no one EVER forgets the first time they were part of a firewalking event.


You will learn how to perform firewalks ANYWHERE. Yes its true, YOU can also do it.






"Those who study with Rolf receive the same profound lessons that I used to share during the Firewalking Training here in the U.S"

Tolly Burkan

Attain any Goal

Expand the pattern of belief

Ericsson, TetraPak, and Accenture are companies who hired Rolf and Owsa to train their staff using fire.

Rolf and Owsa Beckman have more than 20 years experience of leadership training.
Some companies just make a firewalk on a special occasion but other use it continually in sales and training programmes
News and texts from Rolf and Owsa
Maja Beckman, age 21 at the time, breaks the solid brick at her training with Tolly in 2003.

Most boys and many girls love to play with fire!

Night cam gets the Heated Vibe.

Parachuter flies over the fire as preparation for firewalking.