Masters training in Costa Rica March 3-8 2012


masters photo

A training that gave the participants knowledge and credentials to train their own Firewalking Instructors. Not to mention a once in a lifetime experience to work with three of the most experienced Masters trainers in the world. The training exceeded the participants wildest expectations

The training was held by FITTM and firemasters Rolf and Owsa Beckman with John Maisel. All have been active in firewalking since the early 80s and are the first three Firemasters certified by F.I.R.E.






Between them they have provided firewalks internationally for groups of 1000 participants and for high profile TV shows like MTV, CBS News and Survivor and for advanced training companies like Life Path Unlimited...and for multinational corporations like Sony Ericsson, Accenture, Remax International, Zeiss and TetraPak.

But most of all they have personally trained and certified Firewalking Instructors since 1995. John Maisel has also trained and certified the current director of FIRE.





The masters training was held in Costa Rica. One of the venues we used is close to a volcano and another is near the top of an area known as the soul of Cachi. These are powerful locations and they provided very unique and transformial experiences among then a volcano outburst, see pic!

This training was only open to advanced and experienced firewalkers. They are all FIT Masters now, qulified to train and certify Firewalking Instructors independently.

This was a unique training in that participants learned from both American and European businessmodels for Firewalking.



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