In 1982 Owsa and her then two-month old daughter Maja participated in a workshop in rebirthing. The course was held by a married couple from California; Tolly Burkan and Peggy Dylan. Tolly held Maja while Peggy was instructing Owsa. This trainig with Peggy and Tolly inspired Owsa and Rolf to go to a Tantra training later that year. Their goal was to create a relationship with living space both for the family and the individual. On the last day of the training Tolly nailed a poster to the wall "Firewalking in Stockholm". The message of the poster captured Rolf, here was a message about stretching ones limits wrapped in a fantasy inciting way. Even though Rolf and Owsa could not join the advertised firewalking, Rolf and Tolly began to exchange letters. When Tolly and Peggy came to Sweden 1983 they executed their firewalking at Rolf and Owsa´s farm on the Linderodridge. Rolf became an enthusiastic firewalker immediately while Owsa kept a skeptic distance to this new experience.

Rolf Beckman & Tolly Burkan

Tolly and Rolf
It was not until 1987 that Owsa and Rolf met Tolly again. He came to Sweden for a tour this time without Peggy who was at home with their small daughter Amber. Tolly did a new firewalk at Rolf and Owsas place. Now the time was ripe for Owsa to walk on hot coals and she experienced a whole new relationship with the fire. Rolf organized Tollys tour and travelled with him to numerous locations in the country. The last day Tolly said: "Why don´t you include firewalking in your courses?"
At the time Rolf and Owsa was working with a concept called Ecological Psychology. The name was a combination of Owsa´s interest in ecology and Rolf´s exploration of the possibilities of psychology. In their courses they intertwined traditions from the north American Indians and shamanism (such as the sweatlodge, drumjournies and visionquests) where the forces of nature plays a huge part and where the nature itself around the farm was an asset.

The course also included personal development (such as affirmations and
rebirthing) and psychotherapy that both Rolf and Owsa worked with as their occupations at that time. Tolly taught Rolf the handicraft around firewalks while they where on the tour. Rolf was inspired and led a couple of firewalks in the Ecological Psycology training. Then he and Owsa in 1991 travelled to classical Esalen by the shore of the Pacific Ocean to become instructors. Here they became friends with John Maisel from Texas.

After Tolly and Peggy had gone separate ways Rolf received a telephone call from Tolly: "Do you want be a part of the staff and lead the sweatlodge at my FITs in California?" Between 92-94 Rolf went to California twice a year to teach at the courses there. In 1995 Rolf and Owsa received the honour to certify firewalking instructors on their own and also received the title Firemasters as did John Maisel. During the years of 95-97 they trained instructors together with John Maisel in Sweden and in Texas. Since 1998 Rolf and Owsa have educated firewalking instructors at their farm in the Province of Scania, Sweden and since 2006 also in Algarve, Portugal. In 2008 F.I.R.E (Tollys firewalking organization) was sold to a texas businessman and in 2010 Rolf and Owsa decided to be independent and teach in the name of their holding company Eight Directions. Eight Directions stands for the ability to navigate through the full circle of life with joy and honesty.