Instructors Training


Get a new career and a better life in a four-day intensive training. Join a very special elite: Become a Certified Firewalking Instructor.
Participant after participant reports major breakthroughs in all areas of their life after becoming certified firewalking instructors. The teachings of the fire and the expertise of Rolf and Owsa after more than 30 years of firewalking and trainings of 100s of firewalking instructors since 1992, enables participants to use any energy as an engine for their desired changes in their life.

The training includes a total of four different firewalks including a 40-foot firewalk. After the training is successfully completed you will get a diploma as a FIT certified Firewalking Instructor.

Participants trained in Europe by Rolf and Owsa represents: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lathia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South-Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, USA

A good deal of the participants enroll in the FIT as a part of their own journey towards self realization and personal empowerment. The training helps participants to take responsibility for the life they intend. More than 2 million people on 6 continents have attended fire-walking classes led by Rolf, Owsa, Tolly or someone they trained.

Many firestudentsare already engaged in helping others to grow mentally. These coaches and consultants etcetera, already facilities their own events or are just about to start or enlarge their business. Most – but certainly not all - have already walked on fire when they come to the training and wishes to incorporate firewalking with their own "bag of tools".

All processes other than firewalking (challenges like arrowsnapping and boardbreaking, the sweatlodge, drumjourney and more) that is a part of the course, has a strong but indirect bearing on being a certified instructor and using the fire as a tool to make people grow and expand their pattern of belief.

To fit your special wishes, the FIT is given on demand any time during the year and anywhere on the planet.

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Above: Scott Bell, certified Firewalking instructor in Europe by Rolf and Åsa Beckman, prepares the Guiness world record in China 2006