Read what they say about Owsa and Rolf

A magical experience that transcends all other trainings. Complete in all aspects of content, structure and application. You must find someone to work o your social media, marketing. Your training is too importanat, may people,crave, need and want this training

Leo Baptiste, CEO, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Rolf and Owsa are an example of good partnership, of a good couple and of good training work

Oleg Yashchik, Economist, Moscow, Russia


Good balance and variations in the mix of Rolf and Owsas part of the training. Keeps us focused. Several "red threads" makes it stick even better. Summary evalaution: 6 of 6! Will reccomend it to others

Lene Thorgersen Roine, Mental trainer, Moss, Norway



The firewalk in Bali at the Ashram and the water blessing in the temple will live with me for ever.

Stephen Brown, Firewalking Master, N Ireland


A complete transformeation, being taken to a higher consciousness. Setting free ones limitations and empowering each individual in class. Owsa takes up the task to harmonize the environment and respecting every apect of the creation. " Master Rolf" is open approachable, truthful wise and sincere. Always embracing and strict.

Lim Chee Meng, Healer, Singapore


So it´s 3day post Firewalking Instructor Training and Wow,wow, wow and wow again. I am totally blown away!

I feel reborn, like a new person. I´m feeling much calmer and in control with an overwhelming comforting sense of peace and life purpose. Ah Yeah Yeah

Where I would of (´maybe´) reacted angrily and defensively, I was calm, I considered and paid attention to my thoughts resulting in a much better outcome.

This course is not really about firewalking, the Firewalk for me was the vehicle to express, invite or release all the tings you want to change.

This course is by far the best personal development and empowering thing I have done and the benefits are immediately felt. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking to break through, overcome,change,improve,develop and be abetter version of themselves attending...You will not regret it. I was and will keep on´Paying Attention´ Thank you

Vanessa Simon, Coach and Uber Mentor, Bedford, Great Britain


Every challenge helped me to build my selfesteem and finding my inner self. Everything is perfect. The 12 meter Firewalk needed my contionous focus to finish the walk on hot coals.

Margaretha Elveira Saleh, Youga Instructor, Surabaya, Indonesia


Being a businessman I have attended so may leadership and personaldevelopment trainings for the past 15 years. The FIT is very unique and full of activities that challenge me to be a better father, abetter husband, abetter citizen and abetter businessman for abetter world. The special highlight for me was the sweatlodge. I was able to speak out loud all my worries and concerns in full intensity. Going out I feel that I am a newborn peron.


The FIT is extremely intense; mentally and spiritually. But in a very subtle way.

Bobby Marno, Actor, Belfast, N Ireland


The FIT is a great experience. Very informative and with the opportunity to go into great technical detail.

Alfred Andersson. IT-technician, Sosdala, Sweden


Rolf is a man of principal and discipline. He always wants the best for his students. He made me achieve the unachievable. He made me break certain taboos in my mind and brought me to the way of transformation. Owsa´s hug was medecin in itself! The FIT with Rolf and Owsa brings lot of changes on different levels which fortify oneself to be better human being for the planet. Connection and gratitude.

AssProf Dr Jayshan Keejo, Arbitrator, Corporate Strategist & Executive Trainer, Curepipe, Mauritius


Owsa is like an angel from heaven sent to earth to make this world a sweeter place. I love you. Thank you, thank you. Rolf is a genuine and sincere techer. I admire his strength,wisdom and knowledge. Their FIT is an amazing breakthrough experience for those who wants to improve themselves and break their limiting beliefs. I believe that the FIT can help anyone achieve whatever they want.

Sherley Indravan, Surabaya, Indonesia


breaking the brick was a highlight for me. Easy and difficult at the same time. And the feeling grow before 12 meter firewalk. Nervous excited, willing, little fear - all at the same time at avery high level. It made me crazy and the joy after- couldn´t stop dancing for long.

Baiba Klava-Vecvanaga, Riga, Latvia


Insight; I came for ahint to see my next step. I received enlightment. Complete insight of me, you and the universe. i left for a foreign country but i arrived home.

Josef Rezek, Project Manager, Inner winner, Prague, Czech Republic


Rolf; you make everything so practical and real. Together with Owsa it becomes so strong and meaningful.

Baiba Klava Vecvangas, Operational manager, Riga , Latvia


A wonderful insightful retreat. I have learned so much about who I am and it feels wonderful and exciting as it has been made so easy.

James Hunt, Diplom NLP Master Firewalk Instructor


This was defining,redefining and refinding myself. Sri Rolf is a teacher I have known for 6 years. He never ceases to amaze me with his radical style of teaching which is always fun, deep and insightful. He extends his hand to friendship as well, what a techer what a friend! Srimathi Owsa Beckman- I can be safe with her. She brings me back to earth and into my heart. I feel ready to pass on this experience of love to the many lives I touch.

G Kuna, Trainer, Coach, FIT Master, Singapore


After cleaning up (....) slowly it came to our consiousness that we REALLY did complete our first FIT! That was an amazing feeling! I would never had thought that the difference before and after fascilitating a FIT would be that huge, and it was somehow a totaly uplifting energetic experience and we could not only feel, but we suddenly and consciously KNEW how big it is to lead a training like the FIT!.... so we truly felt that our Master Training from Costa Rica just NOW was completed! ;-) !

Eve Meier Bear and Mike Makus, FIT Masters, Portugal


Rolf and Owsas FIT was structured, executed with purpose and thoroughly enjoyable and Owsa has the most amazing peaceful aura that reaches out to everyone around her.

I had no idea that the FIT would be such a big adventure as it was...and this is just the beginning.

It´s great to know that I can call you any time for advice. I will smilingly recommending this course to family and friends telling them this is must-to-do course.

Stepehen Brown Coast engineering guide, Belfast North ireland


The FIT is life changing. I didn´t just learn firewalking. I was invited to a total responsibility in my life. Rolf and Owsa lead without hesitation.

Per Klerestam, Partner, Donald Davies & Partners, Västeras, Sweden


A mindblowing experience into possibilities. It´s so good to be totally alive! Rolf and Owsa are as different as male and female can be and yet they are as one when they are together. This is the finest training of my life. I´d love to have it longer; it´s SO GREAT!

Martins Vecvangas, Business Consultant, MV Consulting, Ltd,Riga, Latvia


I believe my life will change after these 4 days. Now I´m much closer to what people call HAPPINESS! I got clear directions how to navigate in my life; from talks with Rolf, from drumjourney, from goalsetting process and 12 meter firewalk. If anybody will ask me have I ever seen really happy people, who enjoy and celebrate life, I will say yes, I have met Rolf and Owsa Beckman. All the best!

Donaldas Duskinas, CEO vain Partners, Vilnius, Lithuania


I feel the soul of the fire.

Geo P George, Life Coach at" Welcome abundance" Kerala, India


I can´t imagine better teachers for a journey like this. Owsa; I would follow you wherever you led me in all dimensions . Rolf ; you gave us birth with your energy and your naked thruths.

Jessica Sannö, entrepeneur, Ösjönäs, Tived, Sweden


Much better than epected, thanks for all new insights. I feel totally ready for my own firewalks and my own groups.

Klas Sannö, Manager of activities, Ösjönäs, Sweden


The FITwas the most amazing experience of my life. It was thrilling educational and intense pushing me to go beyond my personal limitations,inhibations and outworn beliefsystems. we knew we were in safe hands and we knew the decision and ultimate choice is always ours, you taught us to take responsibility for every action. Owsa has a calm magnetism and a spiritual power that emanates from her making her wisdom obvious to those who happen to be in her presence. Rolf is the hardest working teacher i have ever come across. He has passion to teach with vigour, wisdom and discipline. His humour is uplifting and you always have to pay attention.

Alice Sarkissian, Fire Performer"Alice in Flames" Nicosia, Cyprus


The FIT was not training; it was a trip to ourselves. Rolf and Owsa do not teach firewalking - they are one. Thank you for showing how a family can be in harmony.

Valters Grazulis, CEO Vain & Partners , Riga, Latvia


The FIT is not to miss, it´s more than a training in firewalking, it´s a life experience. There are 4 days of self awarenes, magic, power and transformation. I recommend it to all who want to live their potential to the maximum. At the 12m I faced fear and transformed into total trust, power and safety. Without doubt it was the highlight of these 4 days.

Rolf and Owsa are both beautiful human beings, great teachers, it was an honour to be thier pupil. The FIT was perfect and one good thing we had the time to integrate all the lessons.

Satya - Rita Rochas, Project Manager, Ericeira, Portugal


This training was out of this world. One of the most genuine and profound ever have attended. Rolf and Owsa to me you are one. You ARE the way we all should be; working to heal yourselves, the planet and others. Your medicine is a blessing on this earth.

Bence Tarr, Director at Szintezesis Open Universitety, Buddist teacher, Budapest, Hungary


This was a magical, dense time. Owsa is at the same time humble and strong, gentle and firm, compassionate and authorative. Rolf is bringing humour and depth together, showing how to take responsibility and endless possibilities.

Aurel Mocanu, Publisher, Botosani, Romania


A lifetime experience of shifting adventures that me and my husbond was blessed to live through together. Owsa is like the river that carries you. Rolf is llike a knife that cuts where needed, no more no less.

Laura Dennler, student of economics, Zurich, Switzerland


The FIT is an amazing out of the box adventure. It will change your perception about LIVING and BEING. Our teachers: Owsa a mother earth daughter and Rolf a real father fire son.

Bertrand Beauregard, Master Coach and Kinesiology Practioner, Marseille, France


The solo firewalk was my special highlight. I came for atechnique, but found answers to questions deep inside.

Neacsu Gabriel, Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Bucharest, Romania


I brought my knowledge, my experience from many years as a trainer and an open mind to learn the technique of firewalking. But what I have been doing this four days have been much more marvellous. I have learned to make decisions which transforms fear into big power.

Ewa Pisera, NLP trainer, Polarney. Poland


The best thing I learned was that I can be vulnerable in a relaxed state, even in chaotic moment.

Hung Mai Le Hui, Engineer, Paris, France


The training is really a full force transformation of fear into power process.

Johary Andriananpionona, pharmacist and trainer of active meditation, Paris, France


The training changed my whole perspective on life. It´s time to start LIVING! I stepped out of my comfortzone, felt my pain and started to live my real life.

Gergö Illes, OD consultant, Budapest, Hungary


Mt highlight of the FIT was the Media Training; extremely and surprisingly good.

Michel Dennler, Project Mnager, Zurich, Switzerland


The FIT training was over the expectations I had. It showed me the potential of tecnique firewalking and opened doors I never imagined to open. It was an important experience to change the mess in my life, to release the old and embrace the unknown and new.

Owsa; would all mothers be like you the world would live in peace and harmony between all their children and I wil never forget you. Hope to see you soon!

Rolf; a tough man, clever and funny. I admired your work and loved your devotion to this training. You know to motivate. You can take people to the point of their needs. Thank you friend.

Truly not change anything in this training, for me it was unbelievable magic. Thank you for everything, I will never forget thiese days, they are marked in my heart.

Joao Wandschneider, Porto, Portugal


Preparing the 12 meters I decided to walk it first of all and two times, altogether 24 meters. The reason was to master the skills of walking without injuries and burns in order to earn the right to instruct others in firewalking. And I did I crossed the lovely red diamond sparkling coals first and turned and went back. No burns not even a hot spot.

Thanks for the insights and the connection to the reason for walking on fire and glass, not the actual walking but what we as persons can achieve beyond our limiting beliefs using firewalking as a metaphor for what is possible.

I want to thank you Owsa and Rolf, not only for a fantastic training but also for your wonderful hospitality, bringing us into your beautiful home and lives this exciting days.

Haavard Helmen, CEO and Result Coach, Qeep AS, Oslo Norway


The 40 feet firewalk was the greatest experience of my life. It gave me power and confidence. Now I know what it means: Impossible into possible.

Arkadiusz Bednarski, trainer and Company owner, Warsaw, Poland


The four days of the FIT are a perfect mix of theory and practical tasks. The combination of personal growth and enlightment makes the whole point of firewalking clearer.

Rolf and Owsa: I can not imagine one of you without the other. A sense of truth and sincerity. Owsa a complete match of word and energy. Thank you for keeping your calm through my transformation. Rolf: Humour and enlightment - and thanks for the wonderful music!

Mia Damhus, Owner of Center for Nutrition and Therapy, Hasley, Denmark


I admire Rolf and Owsa as a couple and feel blessed by your relationsship. It´s great for the world that you are living and working together.

Ira Vokac, Operative Director, Prague, Czech Republic


Thank you a thousand times for the strength and the certainty that I can do anything I decide to do.

Tonelill Willsbeck, PR and Communication Manager, Oslo, Norway


If somebody had told to experience this wonderful deep feeling during the training, I would say it was impossible. Now with this great faith and power I will say YES, YES, YES such a training is possible there are people in the world who can do it. These people are Owsa and Rolf Beckman.

Justyna Chmielewska, CEO/Psychologist, Warsaw, Polen


The EU-FIT is an outstanding practical, mental and spiritual experience that raised my level of consciousness to a new level. Rolf and Owsa are great instructors and outstanding human beings.

Eduardo Torgal, Partner Becoach , Lissabon, Portugal


The training to become a firewalking instructor with Rolf and Owsa Beckman is comprehensive, full of joy and with all the info needed. Post the 40 feet firewalk, I felt as nothing can stop me ever. Owsa is a spiritual genius, Rolf a master of human performance enhancement; the two of them are just Fire!

Wayne Dobson, entrepreneurial specialist, Tenerife


The EU-FIT is avery inspiring growth process that is simply beautiful.

Nina Maria Honegger, FFOM Manager, Quarteira, Portugal


No one lives in a luxury so big they can afford to miss this training.

Mehmet Boro, lawyer, Bodrum, Turkey


I´m so happy !! is this a dream or reality?! and I wake up and know it´s real, no dream! I will never forget this training: step by step I found myself, my own reality and my own power.

it was a great circle: the energies from the whole group. Thank you for the story of firewalk until the practicalities! Every activity was a challenge to accept and to do and I am so happy that i did everything.

The spezials: not only the needle, or the stone, not the round firedance or the walk on glass or the 12 meters or the sweatlodge; so sensitive but so hot harmonically and closed in the circle. Yes it´s this feeling and this gift!!

Fredrike von Ostermann , sales manager, Salach, Germany


This training is much more than the theory and the teachings; it´s an overall experience for my personal awareness. It brought a lot of insights and metaphors for issues in my life. It has an excellent balance between theory and practice. It leaves a good base to do firewalks yoursef but permits to incorporate your "own things" in the structure. Four days go fast and seems short! I liked the bridge between modern reality and traditional ceremonies. Rolfs deep experience and lively sprit involves. He is a real example and model. He is the man, he is the king. Him and Owsa are the perfect team.

Pedro Figuerido, Trance-dance DJ, Lissabon , Portugal


An overwhelming experience and constant training in making decisions.

Luis de Matos, Magician, Ansaio, Portugal


The training is something very different from what I have participated in before. “Learning by doing” is easy to say. Now I know something new: “Learning by feeling”. Everything was so amazing, with the 40 feet firewalk leading straight into my future.
Ritoldas Narmontas, Medical Doctor and coach “Sekmes Laboratorija”, Vilnius, Lithuania

This mail from Ritoldas three months after the training pictures well how it is to work with firewalking:

"For me these three months were very busy with different training programs. Almost all days, including weekends were booked for trainings. I'm happy to say that two firewalks were conducted during this time. Both groups were up to 20 people, middle level managers. I spent almost three hours for introduction, psychological preparation... It was very interesting to see how persons who seems to be strong and very "active" in training class, become silent and with "big eyes" when it's time to make a real decision. I recognized that to make firewalking perfect I need to put a lot of physical and psychological effort. Especially it is hard after you have all day leadership training on high speed, than prepare fire, prepare participants... After I felt like a god, slept like a child on mothers hands... Wonderfull feelings!!! "

Best regards , Ritoldas


I have tears in my eyes as I write this, happy tears, for the power, strength and unconditional trust I found in myself.
Eleni Layley, Training Director, Bluewave Global. Pulborough, England


This is the best training "out of the box ". The processes we were guided through were transforming, effective and fast if you consider we did a 40 feet firewalk after just 4 days! Thank you for beeing impeccable.

Jose' Almeida, Partner Idieas e Desafios, Lissabon, Portugal


I will be back ASAP.

Geoff Tappenden, Network Architect, Dubai


The training is challenging with a hihlight everyday. I felt my strength, faced my fears and limitations; did things i thought was impossible. Now I feel blessed You are such a beautiful couple. Rolfs focus and willingness to help me own my own power, you are impressive and good fun to be around. Owsa is soft and gentle, embracing, inspiring and peaceful, a true example of determination in female power.

Sanja Erhardt, Agronomist and fireartist, Bavaria, Germany


This was defining, refinding and refinding myself.

With love

G Kuna , Trainer, Coach, Katahati Institute, Singapore


A lovey clarity in every exercise!

Karen Kaae, psychotherapist, Copenhagen, Denmark


If I never in my life will do a firewalking seminar, the training has been worth it all the way.
Johan van´t Wout, President Brain Factor and Fire Factor, Kampden, Holland

One year after his training we got this e-mail (read) from Johan


The training was a challenging, great and unforgettable experience with the ultimate event: ”Heated Vibes – Go 21 your Lucky number” and bending steel.
Anna Tay, Student, Singapore


The training was fantastic and deeply enlightening. The space for self-reflection over the days at last expressed in the solo firewalk was very important for my personal development.
Kow Cheok Hui, Educational Manager, Singapore


The moment that I stepped foot on campground I felt the love and warmth surround me. Owsa´s smile and greeting put me immedeately at ease.This has been a journey of self discovery, that I now know will continue to give me the strength and determanition to continue once I get home back into everday life.....I never in my wildest dreams thought I could ever feel so happy and full of spirit.Thank you all!
Diane Scott, Nursery Teacher, England


I had walked on fire at a Tony Robbins training and thought “there has to be more to Firewalking than this”. Indeed there was. When booking the FIT, my intention was to gain practical experience and skills in fire building, firewalking and safety. That all changed when we began training. It challenged many of my beliefs about myself and I used the opportunities, which are many, to exorcise old stuck demons. Open your mind and go for this totally unique adventure now.
Gerry McColl, BSC, NLP-trainer, Warwickshire, England


Five days that pushed me many times out of the box. I felt, probably for the first time, how my limited belief system works, and I thought a lot about it. The training gave me a lot of joy and happiness and I enjoyed every fire.
I asked myself how it is possible for one person to be so delicate and so powerful as Owsa. Thank you!
Ovidiu Atanasiu, Academy Consultant, Bucharest, Rumania


The Course: Great timing, great content. Owsa: You are a living experience of Mother Nature between us! Sweet, protector, teacher of life, loving and spreading your essence between us...Rolf: Straight to the heart. You lead Firewalks with the certainty (Certeza) and determination that makes it easy and inspirational.....More than what expected..
Xesco Espar, College Teacher, Professional Handball Coach FC Barcelona, European Master 2004-05


First I just want to say THANK YOU for your friendliness and kindness and hospitality. The fire walking was an eye opener and experience and I really enjoyed every moment of it.
It was my husband’s idea to do a course in fire walking. Hannes is the visionary, the one who makes things happen, me I like to watch things happen…
To be honest I did not exactly know what I let myself into when I signed up for the fire walking course in Sweden.
I went along for the ride, not really committed to walk on red hot coals. I had no intention to injure myself and decided nobody would force me to walk on fire.
I have learned to appreciate fear, to feel it, to work with it and to work through it and to respect it.
What I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated about the course was that there was no “hype” it was my choice to walk or not to walk.
There was no force, just strength flowing from Rolf and Owsa and I could tap into that strength throughout the course. It was their strength, enhancing my own, helping to unleash a new world full of potential.
Can you think what we can accomplish in this world if we could just work together?
I have learned fire walking is about personal growth, it is about breaking barriers and opening new horizons.
The fire walking instructor’s course was one of the best experiences of my life.
It confirmed so many of the ideals and beliefs that I have, for instance that we as human beings have unlimited potential.
Life is actually very simple but there is a tendency to try and make it as complicated as possible.
Life is about choice, it is a decision, it is as simple as walking on red hot coals.
Just do it you will never be the same again!
Tanja Dreyer, Managing Director, Property School, Pretoria, South Africa


My logic told me that what I was about to do, was impossible. Yet at the same time I felt calm, composed and sure of myself and my abilities as I stepped for the first time on the red hot coals at your farm in Sweden. I now know the impossible is possible. I have experienced it by stepping on red hot coals without burning. It was an amazing experience. I calculated and have done at least one hundred and twenty “standard” fire walks and three 40 feet walks during the five day intensive training – and I do not have one blister. I am thankful we have selected you as our teachers (With a financial and economic background, it perhaps made a lot more sense to get two qualified Fire Masters for the price of one ) Each one of you brought a special dimension to the Firewalking experience and as a team you are the best in the world. Rolf showed tremendous natural leadership qualities. What I also liked about the way you handle the FIT was the fact that you did not try to force the students to do anything. You did not try to hype us into doing any thing, that we did not feel comfortable with. Owsa - I liked your ability to share your inner peace and tranquility with us. You have a special aura that surrounds you. Keep on sharing this with as many Firewalking students as possible. You are both true MASTERS. This was certainly one of the most enriching experiences in my life and I will treasure the five day FIT forever. I am also glad I have shared this experience with my best friend, lover, business partner, the mother of my children and wife – Tanja. Our lives will never be the same again. My deepest thanks for sharing your expertise with us.
Dr Hannes Dreyer. Pretoria, South Africa.


The Firewalking Instructors Training with Owsa and Rolf will stretch all those that attend, but is thoroughly worthwhile and deeply satisfying....
Adam Eason, author of best-selling book; "The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis" ,one founder of the British Firewalk Association, England


To all prospective students: The Firewalking Instructors course will challenge you. Just when your mind perceives you have reached your limit, Rolf, Owsa and their very knowledgeable team will inspire you and stretch and your spirit shines more brightly and intense. It´s a gift. Love and respect!
Rob Gordon, Senior Analyst and Systems Project Manager, Australia


The training is by far the most challenging and spiritual I have ever undertaken. It has given me a sense of courage I could not even imagined. Rolf is a fantastic teacher and I have every confidence in him. He encouraged me to laugh, cry, shout, be angry and also be free. I loved the way he was able to sharply focus the groups’ attention when it was necessary and adapt a more relaxed and friendly manner, which encouraged the group to bond as one as well as give each individual space. Thank you so much Rolf for helping me. Quinta mae terra is truly paradise. The location, weather, hosts, food and animals give the location a wonderful feel of opportunity, safety and love. I cannot think of any improvements. I enjoyed the course so much – from simple exercises to the 40 ft firewalk - and believe we covered everything to become successful Firewalk Instructors.
Jennie King, Project Manager, Flaming Success, Warwickshire, England


Owsa and Rolf are genuine trainers of a life style that goes beyond everyday experience. They can unveil the true essence of life at their firewalk trainings...The FIT is a unique chance for a powerful experience that can transform fear into joy.
Peter Kollar,
registred accountant, Slovakia


I have found my inner power that I never thought was there before. So many skills, powerful spirit and love. It has made so much difference in my life. There is always a possibility and chance to achieve what we want, when we believe so.
Dr Wiwi Andralia Kartolo, MSc, Djakarta, Indonesia


I thought it was “only” about firewalking but in fact I learned so much more. About my personal growth, techniques of mind and to experience friendship with people from the whole world. The most important is that we learn that it is not how tough we are to walk on fire that matters, but to appreciate and understand both our limitations and our inner strength. Rolf and Owsa: I appreciate the truth you give and that it really shows that you care for us and for the abundance of the training.
Anthony Dio Martin, Djakarta, Indonesia
Trainer, Author of best selling book “Emotional Quality management”


The training brought me face to face with my deepest fears and I understood that if I’m not willing to face them, transformation is not possible. Another important aspect was becoming friend with an element such as fire, getting to know it in a personal way, letting it be the teacher. Rolf has a powerful way of teaching, combining very well his knowledge of the mind from a western psychological point of view with the ancient knowledge coming from different traditions.
Donatelle Molinari, Designer, Almenal, Portugal


It is an amazing and fantastic, magical course where your personal limits are reached and surpassed time after time. It has been a grat learning experience, both in terms of personal focus, power and being in touch with your own personal, emotional and spiritual side.Rolf has an inspiring and happy focused but constructive aura of madness and happiness around him which is really contagious and a delightful experience.Owsa has the deep connection to the emotional, spiritual side of firewalking which gives a fantastic shaman-like earth-female energy to complement Rolf. It is an amazing and fantastic combination. Thank you for allowing me experience this.
Alex Langfred, Sales Manager, Denmark


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