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This is what Tolly Burkan says about Rolf and Owsa Beckman:

I have known Rolf and Owsa since 1982, as both their friend and teacher. Based on their thorough academic background and their spiritual knowledge of many ancient traditions, including firewalking, they are excellent teachers.

Rolf and Owsa walked on fire with me for the first time in 1983, and were certified as Firewalking Instructors in 1992. In 1996 they were designated Firemasters, indicating that they are authorized by me to certify instructors.

I highly recommend Rolf and Owsa. Their track record speaks for itself. They have conducted hundreds of firewalks internationally, also firewalks for over 1,000 people. If you want to get your training as an instructor in Europe, you should contact Rolf and Owsa Beckman.
Tolly Burkan, founder of the Firewalking Movement

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Read below how the “Fitskis” (participants of the Firewalking Instructors Training) feel about the highlights of the training, Rolfs and Owsas way of teaching, the vibe of the training and the long lasting results.


Rolf and Owsa, it was an honour to receive this training. This training is on a whole other level. Thank you.

Owsa gave us the possibility to connect with our inner selves at a new level. Rolf is a Great master generoys with his knowledge. I would love to share many more trainings with him in the future. We will be allies between Sweden and Latin America.

Joaquin Zevallos Macchiavello, Former Minister of foreign trade, Business Manager, Guyaquil, Equador


The value I would highlight: Connection between wisdom,nature, elements, fire and the awakening of human consciosness.

These two teachers: Rolf and Owsa - offer the knowledge of their essence inspired i the 8 directions. I wouldn´t change a thing.

Salva Bon, Chef, Barcelona, Spain


I have received so much more than I expected. They make everything simple and easy to convey. They share alll their knowledge.

Owsas connection with nature, especially the way she connects with fire - it was amazing. Rolf is the sheer energy, his presence is felt in the whole room and you can feel his love for what he does in every word.

Ainhoa de Paz, Cofounder of Open Mind Project C.B, Madrid, Spain


A program provided by true life Masters. They are examples of integrity and responsibility

Owsa: Learning to reconnect with life through contact with nature. Rolf: you can see his words when he acts

Vanessa Prontero, Architect, Madrid, Spain


Thiis is the most lifechanging experience I have ever had. We truly learned how to celebrate life. The 12 m helped me to take a step forward i my vision, it pushed me in the right direction. Owsa had the right word in the right moment. Rolf is a natural leader and takes care of his wolf pack

Dani Navas, Head of Cybersecurity, Madrid, Spain


My highlight was the 12 m firewalk with the values of trust,passion, collaboration, coopertion, coherence, integrity and success. One thing that was new to me was when I obsereved the genorisity in their work to join together all firewalkers of the world.

Marta Borobio, Personal & Executive Coach, Madrid Spain


My highlight was the sacred space created during the entire time. Feeling safe in learning and evolving. A manifestation of the future with the tools to take along.

Jeanette Bergelin Hedstrom, CEO Sju Sjoar, Sweden


Rolf is knowledgeable, engaged and loveable. A friend for life. Owsa made me reconnect to the Earth with a new and deeper love. Improvement? All I can say: If it´s not broken, why fix it"

Johan Bergelin, Founder, Lumlyx Inc, Oxnevalla, Sweden


It´s easy to see all the experience Rolf and Owsa holds. You deliver interestengly, calmly, with humour and above all in a way so it´s easy to understand. All in all this FIT is on a very high level.

Mikael Henning, Warrant Officer, Swedish Airforce, Linkoping, Sweden


A magical training that transcends all other trainings. Complete in all aspects of content, structure and application.

You must find someone to work on your social media marketing. Your training is too important, many people crave, need and want this training.

Leo Baptist, CEO, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia


Rolf and Owsa are an example of good partnership, of a good couple and of a good training work.

Oleg Yashchik, Economist, Moscow, Russia


Good balance and variations in the mix of Rolf and Owsas parts of the training. Keep us focused. Several "red threads" makes it stick even better. Summary evaluation: 6 of 6. Will recommend it to others.

Lene Torgersen Roine, Mental traner, Moss, Norway


I never exeriences my emotions so close. Rolf and Owsa are trainers with big hearts, passion and giving.

Matthias Heubach, CEO & Founder, Hamburg, Germany


Outrageous!!!! So much more than expected, helped me to tune into my inner voice.

Prem Fox, Acupuncturist and Thai Chi Instructor, Toulose, France


Rolf is my idol. Both of you are beautiful. The way you speak touches me.

Noel Brattström, Insurance Advisor, Lund, Sweden


I will always remeber the sweatlodge as long as I live. I experienced all possible emotions in there. It opened my eyes. Rolf is a rock. His charisma, thruths and wisdom makes you FEEL. He gave me keys to myself. Not forcing the truth in me, I lovedit. Owsa is love and kindness incarnated. She is one of the most beutiful persons I have vere met. The FIT is deep and life changing.

Julien Provenzano, Entrepeneur Numerical Department, Nice, France



Wendy Schultze, Freemantle, Australia


The FIT taps into deeper layers of your fears. It teches you to love your fears and to look at it. When you do that, the fear transforms into bliss. For me I learned that I´´ so much stronger than I thought. Rolf sets the boundaries and make safe environment. The way he tells stories makes you reflect on your life and wanting to change in a more powerful being. Owsa brings such a loving and peaceful, feminine energy to the group.

Linde van der Heijden,Thatre Director, Tillburg, Netherlands


Pushed out of my comfort zone, facing my fears and at the same time having lot´s of fun. What a ride!

Lucia Van der Veldt, CEO, Amesforth, Netherlands


The FIT is a great example of "underpromise - overdeliver". It exceeded my expectations every day. Loved it and made new friends.

Bastiaan van der Veldt, CEO, Amesforth, Netheerlands


My days at the FIT really changed my life and i fiund fundamental pieces that I will bring into my new life. I saw how to deal with my family patterns. And i found my inner strngth and energy. Rolf and Owsa is a great team of handling big groups. The FIT has great mix of differnet approaches to handling fear. I loved to stay at your farm. You are generous people.

My highlight: the delicate, rebirthing Angel Wash

Marja Dekker, Entrepeneur, Amsterdam, Netherlands


It´s a clear message how to empower people. All the challenges in the training support this goal. And a lot of valuable tips and tricks how to communicate this to media. The great finale is the 40 feet firewalk... nothing can compare to it, you feel you can go again and again and even on the surface of the sun. I want to share that energy with people.

Owsa: you are the essence of female and The Druid Mother of the Earth. Owsas connectedness to Nature played an important role in the preparation for the challenges. Rolf is more than a rolemodel as he encourages our own voice and style. I understand that being a firewalking instructor is to have a mission to empower mankind. It´s like being invited to the brotherhood of man.

Sander T. Kovecs, senior Project manager, Hungary


The firewalk in Bali at the Ashram and the water blessing in the temple will live wit me for ever.

Stephen Brown, Firewalking Master, N Ireland


A complete transformation, being taken to a higher consciousness. Setting free ones limitations and empowering each individual in class. Owsa takes up the task to harmonize the environment and respecting every apect of the creation. "Master Rolf" is open approachable, truthful, wise and sincere. Always embracing and strict.

Lim Chee Meng, Healer, Singapore


So it´s 3day post Firewalking Instructor Training and Wow,wow, wow and wow again. I am totally blown away!

I feel reborn, like a new person. I´m feeling much calmer and in control with an overwhelming comforting sense of peace and life purpose. Ah Yeah Yeah

Where I would (´maybe´) reacted angrily and defensively, I was calm, I considered and paid attention to my thoughts resulting in a much better outcome.

This course is not really about firewalking, the Firewalk for me was the vehicle to express,invite or release all the tings you want to change.

This course is by far the best personal development and empowering thing I have done and the benefits are immediately felt. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone looking to break through, overcome,change,improve,develop and be abetter version of themselves attending...You will not regret it. I was and will keep on´Paying Attention´ Thank you

Vanessa Simon, Coach and Uber Mentor, Bedford, Great Britain


Every challenge helped me to build my selfesteem and finding my inner self. Everything is perfect. The 12 meter Firewalk needed my contionous focus to finish the walk on hot coals.

Margaretha Elveira Saleh, Youga Instructor, Surabaya, Indonesia


Being a businessman I have attended so may leadership and personaldevelopment trainings for the past 15 years. The FIT is very unique and full of activities that challenge me to be a better father, a better husband, a better citizen and a better businessman for a better world. The special highlight for me was the sweatlodge. I was able to speak out loud all my worries and concerns in full intensity. Going out I feel that I am a newborn person.

Restituto Abella Sambilad, Businessman, Cebu City, Phillipenes


The FIT is extremely intense; mentally and spiritually. But in a very subtle way.

Bobby Marno, Actor, Belfast, N Ireland


The FIT is a great experience. Very informative and with the opportunity to go into great technical detail.

Alfred Andersson. IT-technician, Sosdala, Sweden


Rolf is a man of principal and discipline. He always wants the best for his students. He made me achieve the unachievable. He made me break certain taboos in my mind and brought me to the way of transformation. Owsa´s hug was medicin in itself! The FIT with Rolf and Owsa brings lot og changes on different levels which fortify oneself to be a better human being for the planet. Connection and gratitude.

AssProf Dr Jayshan Keejo, Arbitrator, Corporate Strategist & Executive Trainer, Curepipe, Mauritius


Owsa is like an angel from heaven sent to earth to make this world a sweeter place. I love you. Thank you, thank you. Rolf is a genuine and sincere techer. I admire his strength,wisdom and knowledge. Their FIT is an amazing breakthrough experience for those who wants to improve themselves and break their limiting beliefs. I believe that the FIT can help anyone achieve whatever they want.

Sherley Indravan, Surabaya, Indonesia


Breaking the brick was a highlight for me. Easy and difficult at the same time. And the feeling grew before 12 meter firewalk. Nervous excited, willing, little fear - all at the same time at avery high level. It made me crazy and the joy after- couldn´t stop dancing for long.

Baiba Klava-Vecvanaga, Riga, Latvia


Firewalking with Rolf and Owsa was learning the best tool with the best teachers. This is a beginning of a new brand, of a new life. It´s an honour to be a certified firewalking instructor by Rolf and Owsa Beckman

André de Matos, Owner, Identity Diversity Training, Lisboa, Portugal


This training was the most powerful I have ever been to and Rolf is the best trainer, teacher and leader I have ever known, Muito Obrigada!

Ana Sofia Alves, Owner, Identity Diversity training, Lisboa, Portugal


The FIT was fantastic and intense, yet easy to understand. Thank you!

Dr and Pastor Samuel Tjangase, Pretoria, South Africa


The FiT with Rolf and Owsa is very well structured , with an excellent set of challenges to self, leading to great learning experiences. My highlight was the Drum journey and discovering my Power Animal.

Ian Crawford, Captain, London, England

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